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No Services Until Further Notice. - To hear our most recent sermons click on "Hear Our Most Recent Sermons" in the column to the left. To read our most recent newsletter click on "Read Our Most Recent Newsletter" in the column to the left.

Because of the coronavirus quarantine, there will be no gathering for services at our church, at least for April. Here are our plans for this month’s online services, via Zoom. Some programs, particularly Rev. Threet’s, may vary to address the changing needs of the moment. We all miss being together, but while we are not, we can still keep in touch and help each other in fellowship.

Here is a link to a helpful video on how to use Zoom. (Just click on it, and the video will play!)

If you need help to get Zoom working for you, please call the church you will be called back by someone who can guide you through it. Zoom is generally easy to use and it works on computers, tablets and smart phones.

April 5th: Dick Weis
“The Doctrine of Discovery, UUs and the Indian Boarding Schools”

In the 19th century, many thousands of Indian children were forcibly taken from their tribes and put in church sponsored boarding schools. The Doctrine of Discovery of 1452 provided the foundation which shaped the structure of these boarding schools, including one that was run by Unitarians.
ALSO, it’s RE Sunday! Join our Zoom meeting for kids 5-12 on how mindfulness and loving-kindness can help us weather these difficult times. We have posted a link on our Facebook page.

April 12th: Rev. Barbara Threet
“Easter for UUs”

For Christians the world over, Easter is The Most Important Religious Celebration. But most UUs don’t believe people can be raised from the dead (even Jesus), or that the death of one person saves humanity in any way, so Easter can be a challenge. And talk about the coming of spring and Easter only works in the northern hemisphere: in the southern, they’re moving into winter. So what does Easter mean for us as Unitarian Universalists? (A suggestion, especially for this year: Easter provides an occasion to wear an Easter Bonnet, as we worship together from the comfort of our own homes!)

April 19th: Dana Baron
“Adventures: Big and Small”

This sermon explores the transition into retirement through the lessons learned from a 600-mile hike on the Appalachian Trail.

April 26th: Rev. Barbara Threet
“Telling Stories”

Stories have been used throughout history and across virtually all cultures to entertain, instruct, constrain and encourage. History and values, religion and culture are passed through stories, true or fictional. Cultures borrow (and sometimes steal) stories, and people have used them for all sorts of purposes. What role do stories play in our lives? (The right to choose the topic for this sermon was purchased by JP Cass at the Spring 2019 Auction.)

May 3rd: TBA

RE Sunday- we will be meeting, either in person or via Zoom as conditions permit.

Welcome to our new tenant - Horizons Early Learning Center 802-773-5300

We welcome the Learning Center to the use of our facilities. To contact the Center call. 802-773-5300. The center is independently operated an not affiliated with our church.

Your Liberal Religious Home in Downtown Rutland Vermont

Are you looking for a church home:

>Where people affirm the integrity of each person's spiritual journey?

>Where members work towards a fair and just society?

>Where you can join a supportive community for all ages?

If this sounds like a church for you, be our guest this Sunday at 10:30 at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Rutland,117 West Street.

Statement of Support for Rutland Welcoming Syrian and Iraqi Refugees

"Because our Unitarian Universalist principles call us to affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every person, act with justice and compassion, and build world community; and because we recognize that communities are enriched by embracing cultural and religious diversity, RESOLVED that we, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Rutland, stand in support of Rutland welcoming Syrian and Iraqi refugees to the community and support efforts to ease the transition for the refugees resettling here."

Our Mission Statement

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Rutland exists to provide a joyful and mutually supportive community of all ages, while fostering spiritual growth and the search for personal truth for the free and creative expression of thought, feeling and ideas; and to make a difference here in our own fellowship and in the wider community by working for a more tolerant, respectful and compassionate world.

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Child Care and Sunday School at 10:30

We believe Religious Education provides the opportunity for children of all ages to develop spiritual and moral identities.

Where We are Located

We are located in downtown Rutland at 117 West Street. Please call the church at (802) 775-0850 if you need directions.

December 8 - Rev. Barbara Threet - Let there be Joy

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